Sale of Goods

Warranty & Limitations


Rezx products due to their simplicity and low cost are sold "as is" with no express or implied warranties or guarantees. The user is solely responsible to ensure Rezx products are handled safely, used for the purpose intended as described above, and kept away from children and pets. Modification of the product may pose a health and safety risk. The user accepts full responsibility to evaluate and accept all risks and consequences associated with the use of Rezx products. All manufactured products are quality inspected prior to shipment. If defects in materials or workmanship are found, notify Rezx Inc. immediately.


All restoration and service work to customer instruments & bows is guaranteed for 30 days. Guarantee period begins on the date of shipment of goods from Rezx Inc. Guarantee applies to defects in workmanship and materials and is limited to the value of the work performed. Abuse, misuse, cosmetic conditions or naturally occurring aberrations are not covered. Customer fully accepts the consequences of risks associated with repair and restoration work including accidental damage due to inherent or hidden flaws or any other cause.


Returned goods are subject to express prior approval by Rezx Inc. and arrival at our shop in original condition. A restocking charge may apply. Please contact Rezx Inc. for instructions. Packages returned from outside Canada, without proper authorization, may be rejected. All original and return shipment costs are not refundable.

Violin Links

Darnton Violins Great articles on violin making.

Violin Forum A great violin forum with quality information.

Maestronet Forum A violin forum with lots of expert advice and then some.

Van Zandt Violins A compendium of some of the best links to reputable violin information.

Violin Bridges Photographic archive of historical bridges filled with useful articles, images, measurements and downloadable template curves.

Violin Mag A book in the making with in depth violin making and setup information. By Michael Darnton.