Repairs & Restoration

Here is a sampling of prices that reflect the normal price of repair for each common task. It is important to understand that the extent of repairs may not be obvious until the full extent of work is exposed. For example a bow frog may look quite normal, but more than we'd like, we have discovered the slide glued in, making it impossible to remove without destroying the slide and building a new one. Violins are often brought with signs of amateur repair using incompatible glues which necessitates the tedious removal of all traces of such glues prior to repair. Therefore, if additional work is required, the details will be communicated, and approval requested, before further activity. Note that prices may vary depending on the entire scope of work on a particular instrument and any variance in quality of materials or make of strings requested.

We provide a full range of services including bridges, soundposts, fingerboards, pegs, recalibration of tops, set up adjustments and major repairs such as broken necks, shattered or split tops, backs and ribs

Bow services include rehair, repair of broken shafts, tips, frogs and inlays.

Shop hours are by appointment, but for free discussion, quotes or opinions, send me an email at anytime!

If visiting the shop is not convenient, contact us by email or phone for shipping options.

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