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Rezx products are available for purchase directly on this site or are also available from a variety of wholesalers, and retailers.

If you are local and wish to avoid the shipping charges, or require various other parts or accessories, items can be picked up by appointment. Please simply send an email to sales@rezx.biz listing the items required, and we will confirm that the items are in stock and coordinate a convenient time for both. Payment can be made by Interac electronic money transfer, or paypal invoice prior to pickup or by cash at time of pick up.

Commercial customers, please visit this link Distributors & Retailers

Product Name List Price
Rezx Modulator Vn for Violin (info) $64.99
Rezx Modulator Va for Viola (info) $75.99
Rezx Modulator C for Cello (info) $84.99
Rezx Modulator B for Bass (info) $112.99
Rezx Modulator L for Luthier (info) $357.00
Rezx Bow Tip & Liner Clamp (info) $97.00
Rezx Bridge Fitting Tool (info) $97.00
Rezx Sweet String Cleaner (info) $11.95
Rezx Peg Release (info) $25.40
Rezx Ultimate Bowhair for Violin (info) $34.30
Rezx Ultimate Bowhair for Viola (info) $36.10
Rezx Ultimate Bowhair for Cello (info) $39.75
Rezx Ultimate Bowhair for Bass (info) $52.10
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