Distributors & Retailers

If you are a retailer, wholesaler or luthier, and wish to carry the Rezx Inc. products, please email us for your terms & conditions and discount structure.

If you are already established as a dealer with Rezx Inc., please simply email your Purchase Order to sales@rezx.biz and upon shipment of goods we will either send an invoice with the goods or issue a Pay Pal invoice depending on whether or not credit terms have been established.

Violin Links

Darnton Violins Great articles on violin making.

Violin Forum A great violin forum with quality information.

Maestronet Forum A violin forum with lots of expert advice and then some.

Van Zandt Violins A compendium of some of the best links to reputable violin information.

Violin Bridges Photographic archive of historical bridges filled with useful articles, images, measurements and downloadable template curves.

Violin Mag A book in the making with in depth violin making and setup information. By Michael Darnton.