About Rezx Inc.

Nestled in the small town of Wyoming between London and Sarnia in Southwest Ontario, Canada, Mat Roop has been quietly and passionately repairing violins, violas, cellos and basses since 1991. As the business grew by word of mouth, incorporation became necessary and was established in 2007.

We take pride in providing successful repairs and adjustments of violins through patience and an unhurried reflection of the individual character of each instrument. Instruments that have been severely neglected, damaged or deemed by some to be unrepairable, can always be brought back to glorious life.

If you are looking for an exceptional bow rehair or repair, look no more, Mat Roop has mastered the touch. A do it yourself book is in development to share in the joy of rehair using an innovative method that with a little care, works quickly and easily and delivers great results.

We provide a full range of services including bridges, soundposts, fingerboards, pegs, recalibration of tops and set up adjustments. and bow repair. If your instrument or bow is seriously damaged and is important to you ... it can be fixed, no matter how serious the damage.

Shop hours are by appointment, but for discussion, quotes or opinions, we would be delighted to receive your email anytime: mat@rezx.biz

Check out our Innovative Solutions page for a list of unique products we have developed over the years. Some of the items are for the luthier and some for players and some for teachers. The Rezx Resonance Modulator is so unique that it received a US patent and subsequently many around the world have copied the concept. If you are a retailer or wholesaler interested in carrying our products, contact us for your discount structure. sales@rezx.biz

At the top right of this page are several links to great violin sites with reliable and quality information. We list these because the web is full of dangerously misleading information on the violin family of instruments. If in doubt, just contact us, and if we can't answer your concerns directly, we'll point you in the right direction.

Violin Links

Darnton Violins Great articles on violin making.

Violin Forum A great violin forum with quality information.

Maestronet Forum A violin forum with lots of expert advice and then some.

Van Zandt Violins A compendium of some of the best links to reputable violin information.

Violin Bridges Photographic archive of historical bridges filled with useful articles, images, measurements and downloadable template curves.

Violin Mag A book in the making with in depth violin making and setup information. By Michael Darnton.